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1080P Mejor Smart Watch



The MEJOR 1080P Smartwatch is one of the cheapest and amazing brands in the market. The best part of this unisex watch is its battery capacity. On the wrist, this band sits comfortably with its lustrous rubber strand. The sophistication of the watch makes it light, comfortable, and can readily be worn anywhere. It matches various outfits like sports, casual, etc. 

Here’s a breakdown of other features of this amazing watch:

Brand Name: Mejor
 Network Mode: None
 SIM Card Available: Yes
 System: None
 Multiple Dials: No
 ROM: <128MB
 Function: Month
 Rear Camera: None
 Battery Capacity: <120mAh
 Language: Other
 RAM: <128MB
 Mechanism: Yes
 Compatibility: windows
 GPS: No
 Type: On Wrist
 Waterproof Grade: Not Waterproof
 Band Material: Rubber
 Screen Shape: Square
 Case Material: Rubber